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Therapeutic massage, or as we call it in our disc pain treatment program, Manual Therapy is a very effective component we use to manually break up and soften scar tissue that develops from chronic inflammation and lower back pain.

Many back pain victims suffer from very tight and imbalanced spinal and lower back muscles which can lead to inflammation in the muscle tissue.

Chronic inflammation of muscles or connective tissue can lead to non flexible scar tissue much like the gristle in certain cuts of beef.

Very tough and inflexible tissue or muscles can result in your loss of flexibility and ability to move properly which can lead to more inflammation due to lack of muscle contractability to pump out inflammation when your muscles are supposed to active and move.

Our certified massage technicians are experts at softening these chronic inflamed connective tissue and muscles to increase your ability to move and normally pump out the inflammation to decrease nerve pressure and pain.

Many patients perceive massage as an hour long session for stress relief, relaxation of fun. This is not the focus, intent or result of Manual Therapy. The difference is highly focused and modified manipulation of muscles and tissues directed by the doctor to decrease pain.

Manual Therapy type of massage does not always feel very good while performed but the benefits of increased movement and decreased back pain is a very welcome result.

Why Our Waldorf Chiropractor Recommends Massage Therapy

Your body is a complex network of bones, tissue, and nerves that works together to keep you functional and pain-free. If you have a spinal misalignment, ligament tear, joint injury, nerve compression, or any other problem that affects the musculoskeletal system, you may have inflamed or restricted tissue that is preventing your body from fully healing. Our Waldorf massage therapists have experience with everything from work-related stress to pregnancy fatigue and athletic injuries, and they will work with you to customize the ideal massage for you. 

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