Stories Of Success

See What These FORMER Disc Bulge, Herniated Disc, Sciatica and Disc Degeneration Sufferers Have To Say About Spinal Decompression… and Their Results!

My original complaint was sharp pains in my lower right back which caused me not to be able to do anything.  I didn’t sleep at night either.  It also limited my daily activities.  I had this problem for 6 years before seeking treatment.  I could not enjoy cleaning, working in the yard, going shopping in the mall, going to church and just being myself.   I tried muscle relaxers, shots, pain pills and water therapy.  The other doctor’s treatment just didn’t help me.  It helped when I took pills or shots but I only got a little relief.  I decided to seek spinal decompression after I saw the info on TV.  Once I began spinal decompression I started feeling better after the 3rd time.  I only had pain about 4 times a day when I use to ache all day and night.  I would say about 2 weeks or so my problem had disappeared.  I am very pleased how my life has changed.  I enjoy doing all the things I have missed doing in the last 6 years.  I like how I was treated in the office.  I like the staff and Dr. Sable made me feel like he was there to help me get well.  Just one thing I would like to say is I wish I had seen this advertisement on TV sooner so I could feel like I feel now!  Thanks for everything.

~Emma Hall
St. Mary’s City, MD


My original complaint was my lower right side of back following down my right leg.  I have had this problem since Dec. 25, 2007.  It has affected my daily activities for six months.  I could not enjoy running or martial arts anymore.  I tried pain pills, shots and basic chiropractor care before and nothing worked.  So I decide to seek spinal decompression.  I used a similar machine 20 years ago.   Once I began treatments on the DRX 9000 I started to feel better after two months.  It took four months for the problem to disappear.  My life and routine are back to normal with no more back pain.  The staff is very friendly and professional.  Dr. Sable is very knowledgeable and very professional.

~ John Marquis
Police Officer
Huntingtown, MD

My original complaint was stenosis in the back with inflammation. I had this problem for 3 year before seeking treatment. For 3 years I've hardly been able to shop, or do house work or travel. Mostly I've wanted to travel but my back problem kept me form being able to go. Other treatments I've had are physical therapy, epidural blocks, muscle relaxers and pain pills. These treatments gave me some relief for short periods of time, but I'll end up back with the same pain. I tried all of these other things without lasting relief so I decided to seek spinal decompression. This seemed like a natural way to get relief. It made sense. I noticed a difference after the second treatment. Then it seemed each treatment made me better. My problem has not completely disappeared but I have had at least an 80% improvement. I have been able to go shopping. I can do more of my house work. I can stand up and walk longer now. The office is well organized and everyone is professional and encouraging. Everything that can be done to help you is done.

~ Loretta Miller
Retired Teacher
Upper Marlboro, MD

My original complaint was degenerative herniated disc. I have had this complaint for several years. My daily activities have been affected for 3 to 5 years. I could not enjoy any activity which involved any amount of standing or walking like shopping, bowling, etc. Other treatments I have sought include physical therapy and taking pain pills and other medicine. There was short term relief from other treatments but I was told that surgery was probably the best remedy. I read an ad in the newspaper regarding spinal decompression and decided that it might offer an alternative to surgery, which will really offers no guarantees. Once I began treatment I noticed a change about a third of the way through the treatment. The problem has not completely disappeared. I will not know to what extent until I have another MRI. Since I have retired I am not a very active person. However, I am able to do more activities around the house. I am able to stand longer and to go shopping. Now that the weather is improving I plan to walk more which I hope will improve my condition. The whole atmosphere of the office is inviting. All the people who work here have been congenial and the atmosphere seems to carry over to all of the patients. I will highly recommend the services to other people.

~ Agnes Brown

I had severe leg and back pain for about five years before I sought treatment. It affected my daily activities for about four years. I could not enjoy running or lifting anymore. I tried spinal injections and pills for the pain but the results were minimal. I read an ad in the newspaper and decided to give it a try. I was ready to try anything short of surgery. I'm glad I did. It has really helped me. I noticed I was feeling better about 3 to 4 weeks into the treatments. My problem disappeared after about 10 weeks of treatment. There is a big improvement in my life and attitude. Before, I could sleep only on my left side without pain. Now, I can sleep anyway I want without pain. I had severe leg pain 30 to 45 minutes every morning after getting out of bed. After treatment on the DRX 9000 I feel a little pain 3 to 4 minutes and it is getting better and shorter. The DRX 9000 treatments really worked for me. Also everyone is very courteous, helpful and knowledgeable.

~ Coyt Belo
Retired Oxon Hill, MD

I became a patient of Dr. Kenneth J. Sable on August 20th, 2007. I was referred to Dr. Sable by one of my tax clients who came to my office to have her taxes prepared and saw how much pain I was experiencing. She told me she had a CD at home she wanted me to watch and she would go home and bring it back to me. I said ok but I wasn't looking for her to return. About two hours later my doorbell rand and there she was with the CD. I had no idea that this was the beginning of a breakthrough for my back problems. I have been having problems with my back for over eight years. The pain was so severe I had to quit my job on disability. The orthopedic doctors told me that I needed surgery and they would have to replace my disc with a piece of my hipbone, and they couldn't guarantee me that this would fix my problem They said that I might have to repeat the surgery again in two years. With that information I decided not to have surgery.
Over the last seven years I have suffered with pain, but the last three years the pain got worst after I was in a car accident in 2004. I had the shots in my back, I had all kinds of physical therapy, all kinds of pain medication and the pain never stops, it just eases up temporary. I had a MRI done before coming to Dr. Sable, and this one showed three herniated disc, pinch verve, and arthritis of the spine. I didn't know how bad my back was until Dr. Sable explained the MRI's to my husband and I. He helped me to understand why I was in so much pain. No other doctors had explained my back problems to me so clearly that I could understand everything.

My husband and I met with Dr. Sable and he explained the procedure to us. When we left his office I prayed to God that I would be a candidate for the DRX 9000. I was in so much pain when I came to Dr. Sable I didn't think anything could help me, but at this pint I was willing to try anything. I was feeling very discouraged and not looking forward to the future. I had no life outside of my home and not much inside my home. My husband d had to do everything around the house, help me in and out of the tub, help me get dressed, and help with the meals, because I couldn't do anything without experiencing pain.

Dr. Sable looked at my MRI and said I was a candidate. After about six treatments I began to feel a little better. I noticed that the pain wasn't as persistent as it was before, and I didn't have to take pain medication everyday to leave the house. For the first time in years I began to have hope. I had my last session on the DRX 9000 about a week ago and I haven't had pain medication in a month now. I know that I am not all the way there yet but I am 902% better than I was, and I can live with that. I believe that when I am finished with the second part of my treatment I will be 100% better.

I can truly say that the atmosphere in any doctor's office plays a big part in the patient's progress, and the atmosphere in this office is exceptional. I feel special when I am there. Everyone is so nice, even the patients are nice. When we enter the office we are greeted by name and treated with great respect by the office staff and Dr. Sable. I am saying we because I am speaking for my husband and myself. I am the patient but my husband is treated just as good. My husband and I fell in love with Jessica she works in the office, she is a sweetheart. Dr. Sable has a great sense of humor, but he is serious about his work. As far as any other suggestions for improvements; I wouldn't change a thing at this office, I say if its not broke don't try to fix its.
~ Irene Ford
Accountant/Bookkeeper Temple Hills, M

My original complaint was a herniated disk. I had this problem for about seven years before seeking treatment. It affected my daily activities for 3 years. It was difficult to sleep and do everyday activities. I was taking pain pills to make the pain stop but there was very little relief. I decided to seek spinal decompression when someone referred me to Dr. Sable. About 2 weeks after starting the treatments I sometimes felt better. After about a month I did not have to take the pain pills any more. I will say I am 80% pain free. I walk better. I sleep better and I even look better. I would like to thank Dr. Sable and his staff for the concern that they gave me while I was in the office. When I first came there I was in a lot of pain. Another doctor told me I had to have surgery but thanks to Dr. Sable I have learned a lot about my back.
Nell Walker
~ Bowie, MD

My original complaint was about my everyday lower back pain which was growing into a horrible and very painful reality. This pain has really been a problem ever since I started into the sheet metal trade in October of 1999. Over the years, it has taken a huge effect on my life as far as being able to do simple things. It got to the point when after being at work for one or two hours, I just wanted to go home and crawl into a ball and pass out. It affected my daily activities for the past two years. I couldn't even do the simplest things like going on walks with my wife and now seven month old daughter without complaining about something. I love to do so much. I just wanted to come home, take a hot shower and lay on the couch. Just thinking about the next day and what I was in for was so depressing and miserable. I really didn't seek any help because I thought the pain that I experienced was every day pains that everybody experiences. My mother was the one who told me about this office and the DRX 9000. She had this procedure done and swears by it. You know what they say, "Mom knows best." To be honest, my body was pretty sore for the first few weeks' worth of the DRX 9000 treatment. It's like the first time you work out, your body isn't use to it. After that I could really start feeling a difference for the better. It took sometime for the problem to disappear but it was well worth it. Just drink your water and wear the back brace. I feel 100% better. I go to work feeling good and I can do simple tasks again knowing I feel no pain. I have a great attitude because I wake up feeling energized and wanting to do the things that caused so much pain before. I like the environment that this office has shown me. Dr. Sable and his staff are very polite and respectful. They make you feel at home unlike other offices that rush you out the door and are a very professional group of people who take very good care of you. I would like to say thank you to everyone for being so helpful and making my life a more enjoyable and healthier one.
Paul Finch
~ Sheet Metal Worker, Hughesville, MD

My original complaint was after sitting for a period of time I would have pain in my hip. When I stand or bend over the pain would run down my right leg and across my butt. I had this complaint for six months before seeking treatment. It also limited my activities for about 9 months. I could not do my house work like I wanted to, take long trips anymore, do yard work or exercise. I had to begin slowing down while walking. I tried physical therapy and pain pills. I also went to another chiropractor for treatments. But the results were very short, temporary relief. The pain pills worked wonderful but, that was something I couldn't continue to take. I realized after 6 months of constantly being in pain that nothing else worked. The pain wasn't going away and it was time to try something different. So I decided to seek spinal decompression using the DRX 9000. After about the tenth treatment I started to feel better. After the complement of all my treatments the problem disappeared. I feel confident in doing all the things I used to do without pain. I don't feel forced to retire early. Dr. Sable is very straight forward with you. He explains everything to you and what the problem is and why. The atmosphere and his staff are very pleasant.
Dorothy Bishop
~ Custodian, Lusby, MD

I have suffered with back problems on and off for the last 20 years. I have had back surgery, epidural injections, tractions, different therapies and many medications. My most recent problem occurred about a year ago. I was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs, spinal stenosis, arthritis and old age. The doctors prescribed for me more injections, therapy, and medications, but the pain did not improve. I was told that surgery was the beast way to correct my problem. A friend called me after reading Dr. Sable's advertisement in the newspapers. After thinking about it for a few days, I called to get more information concerning the non-surgical treatment. I thought about the information received a few more days. Finally, I decided to make an appointment to see Dr. Sable. For the first time in years I found a doctor that spent the time to explain what was wrong with me in plain language and what was needed to correct my back problem. The treatment prescribed for me gave me hope for correcting my back problems with out surgery. Spinal Decompression treatment has been a blessing for me. I am about 80 to 90 percent better and hoping for a complete recovery. Dr. Sable is very dedicated and determined to improve his patient's quality of health. He and his assistants work very hard to create a therapeutic environment that is warm and friendly. I strongly recommend this treatment. Spinal Decompression Treatment is one of the best decisions of my life. It is a fairly long process, but worth every minute.
Gathier Rodgers,
~ Retired Counselor, Mitchellville, MD

My original complaint was severe back pain. I had this complaint for about 15 years before I started seeking treatment. It affected my daily activities for the last 12 years. I could not enjoy walking, sitting and the quality of my life was impaired. I tried physical therapy, pain pills and muscle relaxers. The results were only temporary. The pain had become more intense and uncomfortable so decided to seek Spinal Decompression using Spinal Decompression. Once I began using Spinal Decompression I started to notice a difference between the 8th and 10th treatment session. The problem disappeared after the 20th treatment. My back pain has decreased about 85% and I am feeling much better. Dr. Sable and his staff are pleasant, friendly and comfortable to be around. They are great!
Gloria Fusco
~ Homemaker, Mechanicsville, MD

My original complaint was I was suffering with severe back pain caused by three bulging herniated and degenerating discs, which created numbness in the left hip on a constant basic, pain down the left leg traveling into the left foot and toes. I've had this complaint for 32 years and have continuously sought help for the condition which in the last year rendered my life useless. For the last year I could not walk without the assistance of a cane and even so were very uncomfortable walking with the cane. My quality of like became so limited, I could do very little standing, walking or anything that required movement of my back for any length of time. I've had many years of Physical Therapy, have taken many pain pills to the point that my stomach has rejected most, as well as, have had muscle relaxers. When I was told there were no other choices except shots and surgery, I knew that I had to seek another source. Other Doctor's treatments sufficed for short periods, however, the numbness always lingered and the pain was always around. But, I lived in the Gym exercising almost daily until after I retired five years ago and that's when my body took a different turn. I knew then and definitely know now that exercise, even though it must be less strenuous, must always be a factor in my daily routine. I decided to seek Spinal Decompression using Spinal Decompression, because I was in need of immediate relief and assistance. After the first three days on Spinal Decompression I noticed a big difference in my body, however, I remained in pain until the fourth week of treatment then suddenly I could breathe deeper and better, walk a little further, stand a little longer and the numbness lessened. My left side is still very weak, leaving me with a temporary limp because the body is still protecting itself from pain. I know there is a big difference for I feel better and with the exercise my body is gaining strength daily. I have always had the attitude of faith that I would get better and now that I am feeling better I know my husband and I made the right decision to get the treatment on Spinal Decompression. We will forever be grateful to Dr. Sable for his professionalism, his patience and kindness and we'll remember his staff with gratitude. Dr. Sable's staff received me with open arms, kind hearts and is always there for me and willing to assist me in everyway. The environment always presented the attitude of health and healing which aided in my recovery. I am still receiving treatment and as Dr. Sable says, "Mrs. English you've gone a long ways since beginning treatment and have a long ways to go." I know the statement is true, however, I can truly say that at the minimum age of 70 years, for me a believer, I will continue to clam good health and log prosperous life for I know it is mine. To God be the Glory. Thank you Dr. Sable and Staff, I must add a special thank you to Dr. Sable's Assistant Jessica who is and had constantly been there for me and others.
Eva English
~ Federal Retired and a Minister, Fort Washington, MD

My original complaint was a herniated disc in my back. I fell coming out of a doctor's office. Within a month it started to affect my daily activities. I could not enjoy weight lifting anymore. I read about Spinal Decompression in a medical book and the Washington Post. So I decided to seek treatment. Once I began using Spinal Decompression I started to feel better within a month and a half. Now the problem has disappeared. My life has changed as far as my back is concerned. Dr. Sable has a great staff of people you can talk to. He himself will take time to talk about your problems with you. The staff is courteous, helpful and concerned about your problems.
Samuel Curtis
~ Retired, Washington, DC

My original complaint was lower back pain caused by herniated disc. I had this complaint for over five years before seeking treatment. My daily activities were very limited for the last two years. I could not walk two miles like I used to each morning. I could only walk for short distances. I love gardening and a beautiful yard, but I have had to give that up completely. I tried physical therapy, shots, ice packs and pain pills for my problem. But the results were only temporary relief. After seeing the ad in the Washington Post and receiving information on Spinal Decompression, I thought that decompression of the spine made perfect sense. I was very anxious to try it. After approximately six treatments I started to feel relief. After treatment number ten I noticed a profound difference in my pain levels. I am now pain free and have been so since mid way into the treatments. I am looking forward to spring and doing all the things I enjoyed before. Exercising, gardening, and being able to enjoy my beautiful grandchildren. The office staff is very friendly yet professional. I especially enjoy talking with Jessica. She is so helpful and a real asset to his office. God bless Dr. Sable, Jessica and the whole staff for making my quest for pain relief so pleasant.
Margaret Hunter
~Bowie, MD

I had severe pain and spasms in my knees. I was not able to walk or even work. I had this complaint for about a year. Then the pain began to come back too often so I started to seek treatment. It affected my daily activities from March of 2001 -2010 until June 2001 - 2007. I could not enjoy driving, normal walking and I also missed a lot of work. I tried muscle relaxers but it didn't help. The medicine just put me to sleep. I decided to seek Spinal Decompression because of the DVD I saw and seeing someone going through the same thing as me. I started to notice a difference after the 3rd treatment. Everything was back to normal after my final treatment. My attitude and life have changed. It is wonderful. I can walk better and wear normal shoes. If Dr. Sable talks to you about Spinal Decompression, then he thinks it will help you. When he talked to me, he gave me an option, the physical therapy or Spinal Decompression. You may think that it is expensive or too painful but what is your health worth. Being able to go back to doing normal things to me, it was worth every bit of the money we paid for it. I now can do everything I did before the compressed disk & didn't have to be cut on. I am now pain free. One thing for sure, Dr. Sable cares for his patience. He wants what's best for you and since coming to him in June of 1997. He has never been wrong. Try Spinal Decompression and you'll see the difference it will make in your daily life.
Deborah Robinson
~ Personnel Liaison Specialist, Waldorf, MD

My original complaint was pain in my lower back causing sharp pains in the left hip and leg at 90 degrees and a standing position. I had this complaint for 6 to 8 months before seeking treatment. It affected my daily activities for 6 months long. I could not enjoy golfing, lawn work, refinishing antique vehicles and any airline travel because of the pain. I tried physical therapy, heat pads, cold packs and pain pills. The outcome of the treatments and pain medications were only short term relief. My family physician suggested surgery if the medication and therapy were not correcting the problem. He was informed that would be my last resource. Many cases from friends have been negative and the pain resurfaces as they get older. I stated research on other ways to repair the problem in my lower back bulging against the nerve going down my left hip and leg. I noticed an ad in the local newspaper about Herniated Disc, so I called the number for a free packet. Once I received, researched and reviewed the packet on this Spinal Decompression and the successes I called Dr. Sable's office for a consultation. Dr. Sable reviewed my films and explained how Spinal Decompression would re-new my condition. I took several days to decide but once I started treatments the pain was starting to subside in the first two weeks. After five weeks and over 35 gallons of water my leg pain was gone with minimal lower back pain. I was looking forward to phase 2 to strengthen lower back. My daily activities and life is less stressful allowing me to be happier and I enjoy being me. Dr. Sable and his friendly staff have made each visit enjoyable and pain free.
Richard Butler
~ Fleet Manager, Mechanicsville, MD

Before coming to Dr. Sable I had suffered for the past two to three years with severe pain in my hips. This pain had reached my legs all the way down to my ankles. I could not stand in the shower, lines in the market or anywhere else for more than a couple of minutes and walking had also become a big problem. This pain had really limited me from doing all the activities that I enjoy. It had gotten so bad that I had started using a cane. I had the steroid shots, acupuncture, pain pills and had also gone to another chiropractor. I read about Dr. Sable's procedure in the newspaper and called for an appointment. After meeting with him and listening to his explanation about Spinal Decompression treatment, my husband and I thought it was worth it to make the sacrifice and try this program. It was about three weeks into the program when I started to notice how I felt, walking better, back straighter and my mood much better. Dr. Sable takes time to answer all your questions and addresses all your concerns to make the process easy; and his humor is a definite help. Dr. Sable's staff is one of the best that I have encountered in a long time. They always greet you with great enthusiasm. His assistant, Jessica is a joy to work with and she has a wonderful personality in dealing with us. Each day since starting my treatment program, has made my ease with activity the best it's been in years. Even though I have made great progress, I do realize that I still have a ways to go. I highly recommend this program, if you have been dealing with the kind of pain I have.
Minnie Harris
~Retired Congressional Staff Assistant, Forestville, MD

My original complaint was in my lower back. I had this problem for six months before seeking treatment. It limited my daily activities for about three weeks. I could not walk or stand without being in pain. I tried pain pills and muscle relaxers but the result was temporary relief. I read an ad in the newspaper and decided to seek Spinal Decompression using Spinal Decompression. After starting treatments I started to notice a change within five weeks. The problem disappeared about five weeks later. My life has changed. I can sleep better and I feel much better. The staff is also very pleasant.
Robert Rawlings
~ Carpenter, Sunderland, MD

My original complaint was back and leg pain. I had this complaint for about 18 months before seeking treatment. It limited my daily activities for about 9 months. I could not enjoy walking, shopping, or working in the yard. I tried physical therapy, pain pills, muscle relaxers and epidural shots but I still continued to hurt. I decide to try Spinal Decompression after reading the report it received in the mail, it sounded like something that could help me. Once I began Spinal Decompression using Spinal Decompression I started to feel better with in two weeks. The problem has not completely disappeared but it is somewhat better. My life has not changed that much. I am careful of what I do like working in the yard. I use support when gardening for my back. However there are times I can stand longer before I feel pain. There are times I can shop without pain. So I am not completely free of pain, but I am somewhat better. Dr. Sable and staff are very friendly, yet professional and there is no long wait to see the doctor.
Estelle Mackall
~ Retired Govt. Employee, Upper Marlboro, MD

The original complaint was pain in my lower back, pain down the backs of both legs and numbness in both feet. I first had pains in my back about 1993. Each year it progressively got worse, finally in 2001 - 2007 I knew I had to seek treatment due to the severe pain. When my back would go out on me, I would be unable to move or need help doing the simplest task. The past 2 years have been the worst. Because when my back would go out on me I couldn't move for several days or weeks. I have several hobbies that I enjoy (weightlifting and part time farming) but the biggest enjoyment is my job a professional fire fighter. When my back would go out I was unable to function this meant other firefighters having to pick up the slack that I was unable to perform. In this profession it would be totally unacceptable. My biggest fear was that while helping someone or a fellow fire fighter my back would go out and I would be the one needing to be rescued along with the person I was helping. Before seeing Dr. Sable I was going to my primary physician. I was given pain medications (valium and Indocine) and was told that I would be on this for the rest of my life. When these stopped working I would have to be given stronger medications and after that was surgery. The results were only a Temporary fix and to me it meant possible addiction to these drugs. I was tired of going to the doctors and getting pain pills and not wanting surgery I felt I had nothing to lose. After doing research on the internet reading testimonials and talking to Dr. Sable I know this was the treatment for me. By my third session on Spinal Decompression the pains in my lower back had subsided. Each time I got off Spinal Decompression I felt better. I have just had my17th out of 20 treatments and all my pain is gone. I feel like a totally new person since Spinal Decompression treatments. If you don't believe me, just asks my wife, she wishes I had done these treatments years ago. I'm still in the fire dept. and no longer give a second thought about my back going out on me. I feel I'm on the road to full recovery. The best thing about the office is the staff and their willingness to assist you and answer any questions you have. While in your treatment sessions, they always are checking on you and making sure you are comfortable, as well as doing your exercises correctly to prevent any further injury. Upon entering the office until you leave, it's like they are part of your family. Dr. Sable and Jessica have been a God sent to me and my family. I urge anyone that has back problems to go and talk to Dr. Sable. You owe it to yourself and your family to relieve yourself from this agony of back pains so you can take you life back.
David Spalding
~ Lieutenant DC Fire Dept Port Tobacco, MD

My original complaint was I had an accident 20 years ago which left me with a herniated disk on my lower back. I then went to therapy at my chiropractor I was fine without a problem for many years. Last year I had a relapse and it caught my left leg and I went to the chiropractor and some days I was fine other days I wasn't. Therefore June of this year I had something ripped on my lower back and my left leg which caused me to be unable to move and I was bed ridding for 6 weeks with unbelievable pain. I went to the hospital three times and they could only five me pain killers but gave me no permanent solution. Finally, I went to a surgeon. After he reviewed my M.R.I. he told me there was nothing else medically possible but to operate on my back because of how displaced my disk was. In that since I had lost all of my daily activities and my family was sad and stressed to see me in that condition. Even thought they stoke by me and they never left my side, I decided with my husband and daughter that it was most likely the best thing to do was to get the operation. One day which I believe was a miracle I started to walk and when I went to grab my cain I noticed I had already walked to the bathroom without any pain or help. I then called my chiropractor where I use to go he then told me about Dr. Sable from then on I thought it was best for a second opinion and I went for a consultation with Dr. Sable. He too looked at my M.R.I and told me that Spinal Decompression could also be a possibility for me. From that point on I thought this treatment would be better for me. Three weeks later I no longer had that strong constant pain and once I had my 20 sessions I no longer had any pain at all. I am still in rehab but I'm ready to go back to work. I feel great and I'm able to have my family life back and my daily life back as well. Most importantly I have my family back without them worrying about me. I want to thank you with all my heart to everyone that has impacted and helped me through this hard road to recovery. Especially Jessica thanks you for always being right there with me and asking if I needed anything. To Dr. Sable thank you for your understanding and patience and kindness. I greatly appreciate all the help and I wish only the best for this practice and great success with Spinal Decompression and I would recommend it to any one with the problem I had.
Maria Amaro
~ Housekeeper Mitchellville, MD

My original complaint was lower back pain that had emanated into both thighs and legs. I couldn't stand or walk for more than ten minutes at a time. I had this problem for over twenty years before seeking treatment. At the outset I got chiropractic treatment and the situation would get better and sometimes the relief would last as much as a year. It limited my daily activities as much as one to two weeks, after which I was good to go again. During the two week period that I was immobile, I couldn't do anything like mowing the lawn or participating in my favorite sport, tennis. In the last few months before coming to Dr. Sable the pain made nearly all normal activities impossible. Physical therapy and pain pills had become a way of life. All of the other treatments invariably reached a point of non-effectiveness. One day I received a card in the mail with a picture of Spinal Decompression. At the time I was planning to have surgery. Not really wanting to be cut on Spinal Decompression seemed to be a viable option. After starting treatment on Spinal Decompression I noticed an improvement after the 4th treatment. I was sooooo excited. While the problem has not disappeared completely, I would guess it's approximately 90% gone! My daily routine and attitude have changed since I started Spinal Decompression treatments. I have my life back. Hooray!! The staff is dependable and the atmosphere is cordial. Continue to do your good work.
Cornelius Crouch
~ Jr. Retired Waldorf, MD

My original complaint was pain in the lower back with 4 herniated disks. I had this complaint for over 18 months before seeking treatment. This affected my daily job and activities for about six months. I wasn't able to go out boating, hiking, camping or walk my dog. I tried physical therapy for three days a week for one month. Therapy helped some for a few days but then the pain would reappear. I decided to seek Spinal Decompression because I was always in pain, pain, pain. After three to five sessions on Spinal Decompression I noticed a change. Right now I am about 90% better and I now come in for exercises. My routine and attitude have changed. I do feel better and very soon I should be back to normal. Dr. Sable and staff are friendly and very professional.
Ray Thomas
~ Sheet Metal Lusby, MD

My original complaint was back pain. I had this complaint for a year before seeking treatment. I t affect my daily activities during that year. I could not enjoy golf, carpenter work or lawn work. I tried physical therapy but the results were temporary. I read an article in the newspaper that gave information on Spinal Decompression. So I decided to give it a try. Once I began Spinal Decompression using Spinal Decompression I noticed feeling better after about the three weeks. The problem disappeared after completing all of the sessions. My life and attitude have changed. I can do my lawn and carpentry work now. I enjoy the friendly and business like office every time I come.
Milton Ellerbe
~ Retired Fort Washington, MD

My original complaint was that I had an abnormal gait, back pain and stiffness in my legs. I needed a cane to walk. I had this complaint for about four years. It affected and limited my activities for about four years also. I could not enjoy walking, running and shopping. I felt like I was on house arrest. I sought relief through muscle relaxers and pain pills but the relief was only temporary. I read about Spinal Decompression in a newspaper ad and was impressed. So I decided to give it a try. I started feeling better after about two weeks. The pain disappeared after about four weeks, I could walk more normally. I feel like a new person. I have new energy. I have my life back. I like Dr. Sable and the staff is so efficient, warm, caring and friendly. I give Dr. Sable my highest recommendation.
Yvonne Sturdavent, Washington, DC
~Retired Federal Employee

I originally complained about my multiple stenosis condition and deteriorated discs in my spine and back causing pain in standing and walking sometimes also reaching. I had this complaint beginning in year 2000. These problems affected my daily activities for about five years. I have problems running, exercising, lifting, and reaching sometimes. I did have physical therapy, pain pills and muscle relaxers, epidural shots, acupuncture, water therapy to say the least over the last five years. I had some relief from four epidural shots I received within the past two years. I was told by my Orthopedic Surgeon that I would require and fusion to possibly relieve my back and spine problems but the surgery was canceled twice for various reasons. There was really no guarantee that surgery would cure my problems, so when I saw the article in the Washing Post Newspaper promoting Spinal Decompression with and excellent success rate for a non surgical procedure to relieve me of my painful problems. I decided to check out this opportunity as my last resort from having that surgery I was told to have. I began feeling some relief after the third session. I still have some problems but not as much as before the treatment began. I do feel better and many of my complaints no longer seem to arise as much but still not completely gone. The atmosphere is cordial, professional, very clean areas and treatment rooms, quiet and very businesslike. The staff members are helpful and caring.
Bernard Bedon SR , Suitland MD
~Retired Federal Government

My pain was in the lower back radiating down the left leg. I had this problem for about three months before seeking treatment. It affected my activities from August 2001 -2010. I couldn't enjoy walking and gardening. I had epidural shots, pain pills and anti inflammatory but there was little improvement. I decided to seek Spinal Decompression using Spinal Decompression because I didn't want to have surgery. I was at the end of my rope before I came in. I was scheduled to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon to perhaps schedule surgery if the pain continued. About two weeks into the treatments I started feeling better. After about four week the problem was disappearing. I was able to return to my normal routine and not think about the pain. I am so happy to get back to my normal activities! The office staff is friendly. I always get acknowledged when I come in for treatment.
James Gorney, Waldorf MD

I couldn't walk without aid of a walker. Pain radiated through my hip. I had this pain for about six months before seeking treatment. It limited my daily activities for two years. I could not work as a builder and walk the lots. It was hard to walk up stairs. I had cortisone shots and epidural spinal shots before coming to Dr. Sable. There were no positive results. The recommendation was spine surgery which at my age was not a viable solution. I decided to seek using Spinal Decompression because it was a sensible option short of surgery. I also spoke with people that had 100% positive results. Three weeks after starting I was able to use a cane instead of a walker. It hasn't completely disappeared but it is almost 100% better. I can walk without aid of a cane, if I desire. Each step of the process is excellent, well planned and the schedule is always on time I now have a positive life style and look forward to the next day without pain. The office is very professional. People are caring and helpful. Dr. Sable is a first class chiropractor and good person.
Gene Matello, Dunkirk MD

My original complaint was two herniated disks. It started June of 2001 -2010. It affected my daily activities in every way. It had gotten to a point I wasn't doing anything but the very necessary things. The pain was so bad that I couldn't stand up straight or walk. I had physical therapy from June 2001 -2010 until September 2001 -2010, three injections and pain pills. The results were no good. My daughter in-law knew I had back problems. Her mother in Florida had the treatments in the fall and had favorable results, so I decided to seek Spinal Decompression using Spinal Decompression. After the second treatment I started to feel better. The problem disappeared after the tenth treatment. I am now able to stand without pain, stand at church, do my shopping and house cleaning.
Clementine Linville, Lanham, MD
~Retired bus and train opoerator

I came to Dr. Sable I had terrible pain in my lower back, down my right leg and numbness in my right foot and toes. I had this problem for approximately 25 years. In those 25 years I was very limited to what I could do. I wasn't able to go boating, fishing or hunting easily. Yard work became a task. Really anything that involved walking or bending was hard on me. Before coming to Dr. Sable I had tried physical therapy, muscle relaxers and pain pills. None of which worked. The results were the same only short term partial relief. I saw the ad for Spinal Decompression and came for the consultation with Dr. Sable. Once I began treatment on Spinal Decompression after the first or second treatment I noticed a big improvement. I am 95% improved now, and still come in for exercises and treatments. Life is much less stressful and painful. I find myself doing things now I couldn't do before. The staff at Dr. Sable's has been so nice and professional, making it such a pleasure to attend my appointments. There is nothing you could do to improve your present operation.
Butch Cirina, Lusby, MD 
~R/E Management

For the pass 5 years my back would go out when ever it wanted, lasting a week or more. It made my life much more difficult. Trying to do my job as a mail carrier was very hard. I couldn't do house work and it was a struggle trying to pick up my grandchildren. Sleeping through the night seemed like it would never happen again. I had tried physical therapy, pain pills, heating pads, ice packs and injections in my back. Therapy helped some but the relief wasn't for long. I decided to try Spinal Decompression when my honey Jimmy saw the ad in the Washington Post and told me to call. I called and got the packet in the mail. After the fourth session on Spinal Decompression I noticed a change and it just got better and better. Once I was in my third week I was pain free! My life has changed so much, I feel like the old Robin again. I have no fear of my back spacing out on me. I can do anything and feel great. I still wear my back brace at work. I sleep great. I have my life back! The office has such friendly people to work with and Dr. Sable is very good about explaining what is going on in my body. Thanks Dr. Sable and staff!!!
Robin Finch, Brandywine, MD
~Mail Carrier

My original complaint was a herniated disc, bulging disc and deteriorated disc. I had this complaint for five years before seeking treatment. It affected my daily activities for all five years. I couldn't enjoy walking along the shore line in my waiters while fishing, stand or driving for a long period of time and play tennis. Before coming to Dr. Sable I tried physical therapy, pain pills, muscle relaxes and three epidural shots and acupuncture. The relief was temporary and the epidural shouts worked the longest but it didn't eliminate the problem. I saw an ad in the newspaper about Spinal Decompression using Spinal Decompression so I decide to seek more info. Then Dr. Sable interviewed me and I learned about the system and the excellent success rate. My pain has been a gradual improvement over the course of the treatments. I had less and less back pain and less numbness in my left foot. The problem has not disappeared however it is very greatly improved. Before the treatment I took 2 heavy medication pills a day and now I can get by with 1 pill every 2 days or 25% of what I took before. My routine has changed since I started treatment on Spinal Decompression. I have been able to do more physical activities, maintain my fish pond, yard work and I'm looking forward to resume my fishing off the shore line in my waiters this fall season! The staff is knowledgeable, professional, caring and quite helpful. Dr. Sable is truly and concerned, dedicated caring professional doctor. I'm still in the treatment and therapy under Dr. Sable's supervisions and I'm looking forward to additional improvement.
Fred Davis, Swan Point, MD
~Real Estate Broker

My original complaint was a herniated disc. I had this complaint for eight months before seeking treatment. It affected my daily activities for six months. I could no longer enjoy running, weightlifting, and hunting. I tried pain pills and muscle relaxers before but they only worked for a short amount of time. After getting a flyer about Spinal Decompression 900 I went to see Dr. Sable and had a long talk on how we go about the treatment. Once I began using Spinal Decompression I started to notice a difference with in two weeks. The pain is not completely gone but I feel a lot better and am going hunting this year. I am pleased with the way my body responds to the treatment. I have meet some people who were very please with the results of Spinal Decompression. The attitude of all the workers is very friendly and hard working.
Winston Jones, Fort Washington, MD

I suffered with a herniated disc. I had this problem for almost 18 months. It affected my daily routine for the entire 18 months. I could not enjoy sleeping especially on my left side, sitting at my desk, reading, gardening and lifting. I tried physical therapy, pain pills and injections. The results were temporary and the pain continued. After reading the ad in the newspaper, I consulted with my medical doctor and he suggested that I try Spinal Decompression treatment. When I began the treatments I stated to notice a change in the second week. I am about 85% pain free and am looking forward to being completely healed as I continue with the treatment. I am back to doing almost all the chores I once did without hardly any pain. I love my garden and am happy that I can be back cutting and pruning my plants. I was heartbroken to see some of the plants just growing wild. It's not that way anymore. My neighbors knew that something was wrong, because they too enjoy my garden in the summer and noticed it was getting out of hand. With the success that I have achieved here, I believe that very soon I should be back to normal. The staff is friendly but at the same time business like. I also feel at ease asking any questions about my health to Dr. Sable. I also like the way he monitors his patients, unlike some doctors that are always on the move and have little or no time to listen to their patients.
Muriel Greaves, Clinton, MD
~Retired Program Assistant

I experienced severe back and leg pain. I had this problem for 2 years before seeking treatment. It always limited my daily activities for the whole 2 years. I couldn't enjoy golfing, walking, running, weight lifting and it was very difficult to put on my sock and shoes. I tried physical therapy, pain pills and also visited a osteopath. The results were very limited. I watched a demo of a cd- rom about Spinal Decompression and decided to give it a try. I wanted to avoid shots and surgery. After starting treatment on Spinal Decompression I could notice a difference on the second treatment. The problem started to disappear during the 5th and 8th treatments. I have my life back. I can walk long distances with very little to no pain. I don't have to take any more pain pills. I am 95% back to normal. The office has friendly people and there is a little or no wait at my appointments. Dr. Sable is very good at explaining things and giving useful information. It works well and is worth the time and money investment.
Richard Harlow, Reston, VA
~Insurance Investment Broker

My original complaint was my lower back and leg pains on the right side due to two herniated disc. I had this problem for about two years before seeking treatment. I could not drive long distances, stand, walk, or sit for long periods of time. I couldn't enjoy driving, weight lifting, running, sitting, walking or standing. I was always in pain and uncomfortable. I tried injections in my back, pain pills that were 800mg for 3 to 4 times a day. But the results were only temporary. I decided to seek Spinal Decompression using Spinal Decompression because it was an alternative to surgery. After beginning treatment on Spinal Decompression I started to feel better with in two weeks. My problem disappeared about seven weeks into the treatment. I no longer have trouble sitting, standing, driving and working out in the gym. My daily routines are a lot less pain full. Everyone is nice and makes you feel like you family. It's a great recovery environment.
Kenneth Osborne Jr., Bowie, MD
~Art Supervisor

I injured my lower back again by moving landscape plants. The injury occurred in 1991 and again in 1993, both times from automobile accidents. I believe it was approximately one month before I cam to see Dr. Sable. I had previously seen my regular physician and he referred me to a Brain/Spine Specialist. Both had recommended surgery. I was unable to do my job as a high school assistant principal. I couldn't walk sometimes for three weeks, crawled to the restroom and it took up to several minutes to get off the toilet! I would have nerve shattering spasms in my lower back. I had to walk with a cane and could not stand at all in one place without excruciating pain. Basically, I couldn't do "squat"! I was painfully bedridden. I was prescribed every pain killer from percoset, to morphine, NOTHING would stop the pain! Nothing that the other doctors recommended or prescribed did anything for my painful experience. I got on the Internet and researched "Advanced in Spinal Therapy" and began to study about Spinal Decompression. It was my alternative to surgery. So I decide to start treatment on Spinal Decompression. By my 8th session on Spinal Decompression I was feeling much better! I was able to return to work and at least do some desk work and walk around with the cane very slowly. By the 12th session I was basically pain free! I can just about do anything now however, I still don't lift heavy objects and I am much more careful in how I reach for things. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Sable was very specific about being able to help me and his fun but no-nonsense way of doing business. I went to him to get better and he kept his agreements with me. I am now pain free as he promised. I will recommend any one with spinal injury or pain to see Dr. Sable or anyone that is proficient in using Spinal Decompression! I am now a "Happy Camper Again!"
Otto Isaac, Dunkirk, MD
~Assistant Principal

I had low back pain for many years caused by bulging degenerating discs in the L4, L5, and S1 region that worsened 36 months ago. I was in substantial pain for 1 year before seeking treatment. I have had a noticeable increase in the limits in my physical activity level starting 36 months ago. I became very protective of my back and began to give up certain activities. I could not enjoy sex with my wife, gave up softball, hiking, jogging, biking, camping and had great difficulty sleeping, performing yard work, and standing for long periods of time. I took pain medications, muscle relaxers, epidural shots and surgery for stenosis of the spine. I considered disc replacement surgery. But, the pain relief received from most methods was temporary. I received promotional materials from Dr. Sable and the educational material discovered on the Axiom Work Wide web page convinced me to seek this non-surgical treatment. I began to feel noticeably better half way through Spinal Decompression treatment. By the time of my last three Spinal Decompression treatments I felt virtually pain free. I became able to sleep and enjoy sex with my wife. I became able to exercise with greater intensity, walk for greater distances and I finally was able to use my elliptical and weight training equipment that had sat idle for 3 years. I am considering golf lessons in the spring. I found Dr. Sable's office to be competent, friendly, compassionate and very professional. I can not think of any way to further improve the operation of Dr. Sable's office.
Essom Ricks, Jr., Annapolis, MD
~Retired Judge



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